Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving to Austin

Hello. I haven't written in a long while. I haven't found the time, energy, or material to make a blog post worth it. Well, regardless I need to start writing more. I believe that it is important not only to have a personal journal but also to have a public archive of writing. Something about the fact that, regardless if anyone does or not, somebody COULD read it. This changes the way we write and the content. It's important to see this difference and then use it to explore your Self.

I'm moving back to Austin, Texas a week from today and I am quite excited. I'm going to be helping my mother start her own blog where she wants to post her poetry. From what I have read, she is quite remarkable! However, she writes exclusively in Spanish. Maybe someday I will translate them and share them with the world...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rising Up

The last couple days have actually gone by pretty smoothly. I have not felt overly depressed, and have even experienced some artistic and spiritual energy and inspiration. I love this feeling and will keep and strive for it always. I have been further exploring the trance state and as of now I am still very much a beginner, but I have begun to see the trance state as an extention of the state I am experiencing during deep meditation. To some these states may be defined as synonomous. However, something in my gut tells me that a true trance state is the next step in my meditation and though I may not be able to achieve or even percieve what or how, I know that my deep desire and persistance will soon pay off.

I have been reading Awaken to One and have stumbled upon a series he wrote about Understanding Belief. I was immedietly drawn to read the whole series, but near the conclusion of the first segment, I decided to dwell and meditate on his message. What I have taken from this is a new mantra that I will begin to explore in my meditation, "I accept the perfect manifestation of my art, with the perfect outlet, in the perfect way."

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stumbling but getting through

I wish I was inspired as I used to be and I know it will return. Now, however, I am going through a rough spot that it taking all of my energy to get through. Dealing with mood swings by the hour and minute even with my wonderful bi-polar medication is difficult, but the good times are as good as the bad times bad. I understand and feel blessed to be in this place in my life and to be with people who love me and support me through everything. To be able to learn these important lessons (most of which are still unclear to me) is wonderful and beautiful, regardless of the fact that it is quite hard to live through. All of your prayers are wonderful, and thank you!