Sunday, September 20, 2009


Hello everyone. Forgive my lack of writing but as we all know, many things occur in this life which challenge us in one extreme or another. The past couple weeks have been a mess, basically, and I have been attempting to use all of my coping skills to deal with the things that have happened. I am not so arrogant as to say that I have the answers, for no matter how much we think we are spiritually ready for the trails and tribulations of this world, until you are in the middle of them, you have no idea. I have to say that I was not ready, though all of my work was not wasted for each time I am able to pull myself up (no matter how long it takes). I truly do believe that everything happens for a reason and that God, while giving us complete free will, presents opportunities to grow and learn. Every emotion and event on the "evil" or "bad" side of the emotional spectrum is also an opportunity to grow, even more so than the "good" I believe. It doesn't seem like it in the heat of the moment, but I believe even the horrible things on this Earth are a gift to make us stand up and do something! My blog is very scatterbrained today so forgive me, my mind is very scatterbrained at the moment. I had two very interesting dreams just now during my treasured after church nap. One was some strange events with a man I have feelings for and the other with a quite insane party with my roommate. I kept asking her for more and more candy (not drugs, though they may have been part of it, but literally candy like Skittles). Interesting... I must dwell on this a bit before I can offer myself interpretation.

The title of this post is the title of the piece I'm currently listening to by Ellen Band. It's very modern, and I'm glad I turned it on, because I haven't listened to anything truly modern in quite a few months. I would only reccommend it to those who truly enjoy avant-garde and post-avant-garde music.

Have a wonderful and peaceful day and week. Please accept the gift of my love which I share openly and freely!

-Brian Minnick

PS: Interesting... Despite my own lack of posting in a while, most of the blogs I follow have also yet to post, and if they have, they have done so in the same manner I have. That is, explaining the experience of deep change which is hindering writing (not a bad thing, just interesting). There is something really intense happening on Earth right now. I'm trying to be excited, but I also have a deep sense of uncertainty. Please, I beg you, help one another NOW! We are all going through some tough times and need each other. We are all ONE!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well here I am, 3:16 in the morning and I'm still wide awake staring at the infinity of this computer screen. I have heard that the light of the computer screen actually keeps you awake. While I believe that this is possible, and probably true, I would much rather be "productive" ("" because I'm usually just refreshing my Twitter or reading articles, lol) than lying in bed with my eyes closed for 2 hours. I've taken my insomnia meds but all they are doing is making me yawn.

Oh well, I've lived with insomnia all my life. The night has become a second home. It is so beautifully different than the daytime. It is so mysterious and so creative. The energy of the moon is so different than that of the sun. I tend to prefer it, if only because is pours creative energy, healing, and mysterious wonder. I just love it.

My new found center has been tested to the extreme these past few weeks and I have to say, as I am only human, I have let the world and its crazy circumstances get to me. However, after some time I am able to find my center again and feel the warmth of the Eternal Breath.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At School

Good afternoon! I'm at school (George Mason University), and I have some free time so I decided to come on here and blog a little bit to pass the time. The past couple weeks have been difficult, with the new added stress of school, but I feel that my mood swings are getting less and less intense, and easier to control. Luckily, a steady regimen of meditating and spiritual work have helped me achieve a more balanced psyche and body. I had an intense meditation last night dealing with the Sufi mantra Al-Matin, commonly translated a patience. Of course this term is much more complicated, but patience is the large picture that I received. When I was in my meditative state, I allowed the troubles and wandering thoughts of my mind (usually held at bay to achieve clear-headedness) to speak one by one. All of a sudden all of my doubts and woes came through. Luckily, I was able to take each in turn and breath Al-Matin slowly and clearly so that patience would be learned and understood. I actually became emotional during this time (more of a revelatory emotional outburst than one of sadness). When I was finished I felt so light and wonderful. I believe that I now must add time in my meditation to not only reach my calm center, but then to take advantage of it to gain wisdom.

Thanks to HenkTerHeide on Twitter, I have found a new artist who absolutely blew my socks off. These futuristic fantasy paintings will truly make you think. Please don't miss out on experiencing this wonderful artist. His name is Jacek Yerka and I believe this link will most easily get you there. Please let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful and peaceful day!