Monday, January 18, 2010

The Silence Inn / A Witch's Knot

I've had a great surge of creative energy towards writing. I have been writing through the past 2 days with very little sleep. Powerful creative energy can not be ignored and consequently I've written about 10 new poems. I wanted to dedicate this post to two of these new poems. They explore some darker images and I thought showing ya'll this perspective of my work might be interesting. Let me know what you think.

The Silence Inn

The brutal wave of
rain and jealously
followed me that night
as I sipped
strong lukewarm coffee
at the Silence Inn.

Bloodshot eyes staring
back at me, smiling
taunting me, thunder crash
and the storm laughed.

If I wanted to
the prickled bosom of
Room 134
would have welcomed
a splitting wired mind.

Yet someone
must have been in that storm
and I needed to find

A mist arose
throughout the
Devil’s Playground

And then all I could hear
was the faint echo of a
child giggling.

And I laughed.

A Witch's Knot

Does the bitter blood
soaked through this towel
excite you?

I smell your lust
and its cologne is a cliff
facing the unknown.

Angels are said to
drink inked dreams.

But I must protect my
(I have so
few). Hence

The towel,
the cliff,
the blood an aching lull.

It is finished
this spell
a clotted vessel
in a witch’s knot
swims gently on.

If anyone is looking for some really hot Hip Hop I STRONGLY recommend getting Nicki Minaj's mixtapes. Not only does she embody ferocity, but the music rocks too!

That's all for today! God Bless!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Verses in an Empty Travel Guide

New set of short poems.

Verses in an Empty Travel Guide


Stare blissfully into the
eye of Fate’s anvil
as Time hammers in the

Sharp edges of tonight.
If you survive the oven
cackling witches’ curses.


I’ve been told
I’m insane.
I won’t argue with those
who don’t speak to mirrors
Or who don’t butter both
sides of their toast.

Not a single dandelion grows
out of my palm
since the day I was committed.
And Earth’s famine (mankind) gives me


View this tapestry:

A young man’s metal god
drinks to the health of
the molten core.

Unaware, he sings a din
while violins revolt
and set his piano on fire.

The fire.
That is what catches the eye.


He lives in a fantasy
of sour chameleon breath,
constantly trying to guide

The poor beast down a
less slippery slope.

If he only knew
casting a pebble would
save their lives.


Children drip puddle wet hands
and drink the dirt’s broth.

The boom of father’s voice,
the chill of mother’s hand,

Allows life’s deadline
longer rein.
A shallow symphony.

Poetry Contest

Thanks to TWT_POETRY on Twiter I was made aware of a little poetry contest and I entered it. It had really unique prompts and how can I shy away from a challenge. The two prompts I chose to include were "I've never kissed a frog because," and "Freedom."
I'd love to know what ya'll think!


Distant castles speak mystery onto
many feathered
speaking in tongues only the
crescent moon wearily translates.

But I hear whispers…

And they tell me they understand
the wind.
They say the wind speaks in
shells on the beach
and empty rooms where a
golden mushroom decays into gold.

Why then do I still
open my window at night?

It’s the gossip in giggles,
never ending the
same as
when they began,

When you
know you have heard
a spark questioning its freedom.

Truth is a game we play as children.

And yet the gods of the forest yell
in vain for man to see
the reason.

And we all forget Love’s diction;
the dreamless held husband
shedding tears only
his pillow understands.

And the wind…

Why else do you think I’ve never kissed a frog?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

As life continues...

I am happy to say that my time spent in Austin so far has been quite productive. I'm still a poor struggling artist, but I don't think you can be a true artist unless you start poor and struggling ;-). I have decided, therefore, to begin writing more often. I want to start portraying the mirror of the world through my own "rose-colored glasses."

I have begun a project writing haiku. Here are a few:

Manic night, breathe in
Colorful plumes ascending
From my cigarette.

Looming blimp of dreams,
When will you descend on me?
Sleep recoils, then flees.

Trust this fairytale:
A bloodied shoe does not fit
And princesses fade.

I have been writing these like mad and hope to make them a permanent form I can use in my poetry.

Here are some amazing albums I have been listening to:

Ke$ha's new album Animal is wonderfully dirty pop. There is a sense of "I know what I'm doing is wrong, but right now it doesn't matter." The hooks are instantly catchy and the beats are edgy while still being perfect in a club.

David Guetta's new album One Love is a monument in describing the sentiments so many people are feeling in these unstable days. His dark and gritty beats sound like bruises on the soul of the lyrics which are a welcome juxtaposition. The lyrics, in general, have an overarching sense of internal strength and hope that a lot of lyrics these days portray. They have a heartening but simultaneously an almost angry edge. Guetta's history as a DJ lead to some serious House influence which sometimes becomes tedious, though the minimalistic atmosphere it creates is nice enough.

Mike Posner is a new hip hop artist who has two fantastic mixtapes out. They used to be free on iTunes though I believe that has changed. The beats are well done and catchy while the lyrics are entertaining and some quite humorous. Some gems include a cover of Beyonce's Halo which is classic and Smoke and Drive. A must listen and an artist I will be anxiously awaiting a first album.

I love my wide range of passions and want to show that here. So moving before finishing up I want to list a couple of the books I have recently read and fell in love with.

Sum by David Eagleman is a book of very short stories dealing with different possibilities for the afterlife. Engaging, and ranging from depressing to hilarious, these stories are a very good read.

Book of my Nights by Li-Young Lee is, in my opinion, one of the most prolific poets of the 21st century. His poetry speaks to the mind of the insomniac as well as everyone who has ever questioned existence. His rapidly changing imagery requires slow study but creates such depth and beauty. Please read this poet.

Thats all for today. Thank you all and God Bless!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Religion v. Spirituality

Well, I just spent the past half hour composing only to lose it all when Finale decided to go crazy and close. When will I learn to save?! Oh well...

I have been reading a bit lately, and it seems that questions that have been coming to my mind lately have also been coming to the mind of many others. They are, are religion and spirituality the same thing? If not, is one part of the other? If so, why the distinction? There are many others that come to mind, but these are sufficient to begin discussion.

I believe that Religion and Spirituality are different, but for many people (such as myself) they are so intertwined that they become almost synonymous. According to Jay Michaelson, Aurora Mendelsohn and Alan Krinsky in an article entitled "Religion is actually Spirituality," they argue mostly the opposite point. However, they make an important generalization on religion (in this case Judaism), "Judaism has historically been more interested in deeds, not thoughts, creeds or specific mind-states." Since spirituality is the search for a mindset (according to these authors), and religion is about deeds, there is no way the two could be one and the same.

While I believe that these last points are quite large generalizations, they still serve to show some distinction in these terms that have plagued so-called "New Age" spirituality. Keep in mind, I understand the bad reputation religion gets, some deserved and much not deserved, and I know that this can color our outlook. However, keep a clear mind. I will try now, through my own experiences, to show how religion and spirituality can be intertwined in a life and still serve both "purposes."

I was "raised" Methodist in Northern Austin, Texas. I use quotes because my parents were never really serious about it. It was more that society says children should go to church. I see that. Regardless of belief, children learn many ethical and cooperation lessons while in Sunday School situations. In this way I believe I was able to solidify the "deeds" portion religion is supposed to be based on. However, slowly but surely my parents, void of any Christian belief, regressed away from church and took my sister and I with them. It was not until Junior year of High School that I joined the Southern Baptist Church.

I know what people say about the Baptist Church and a lot of it is very true. The fire and brimstone sermons are a little much, and the music is a little cheesy, but the deeply rooted, internal connection with God that they taught is something I would never give up. There is a greater sense of connection with community and God when the congregation is more involved with the service. Since then I have been working in various Episcopal Churches and have loved it. The liturgy of the Episcopal Church is so beautiful and intense that I immediately fell for it. This and the teachings of acceptance and community led me to lead a better life and have legitimate hope for humanity.

However, it was about this time I began to explore other religions, faiths, and paths to God. It was in this search that I came upon such things as chakra healing, meditation and its infinite techniques, introductions to The Qur'an and the Vedas (I will at some point go into my feelings on the sacred texts). Through this, I have crafted and sculpted my own path to the Divine which everyday grows and matures.

What all this is an attempt to say is, religion, for me, was the gateway into the soul of spirituality. It was through religion that I was able to discover my own true path for God. I am in no way insinuating that everyone's path to God need lie through religion, but that for many it must (no matter what that religion is).

In conclusion, yes, religion and spirituality are different things, and they mean different things for everyone. However, I believe that the battle between which is "right" is pointless. They are simply two paths to the same Source.

God Bless!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving to Austin

Hello. I haven't written in a long while. I haven't found the time, energy, or material to make a blog post worth it. Well, regardless I need to start writing more. I believe that it is important not only to have a personal journal but also to have a public archive of writing. Something about the fact that, regardless if anyone does or not, somebody COULD read it. This changes the way we write and the content. It's important to see this difference and then use it to explore your Self.

I'm moving back to Austin, Texas a week from today and I am quite excited. I'm going to be helping my mother start her own blog where she wants to post her poetry. From what I have read, she is quite remarkable! However, she writes exclusively in Spanish. Maybe someday I will translate them and share them with the world...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rising Up

The last couple days have actually gone by pretty smoothly. I have not felt overly depressed, and have even experienced some artistic and spiritual energy and inspiration. I love this feeling and will keep and strive for it always. I have been further exploring the trance state and as of now I am still very much a beginner, but I have begun to see the trance state as an extention of the state I am experiencing during deep meditation. To some these states may be defined as synonomous. However, something in my gut tells me that a true trance state is the next step in my meditation and though I may not be able to achieve or even percieve what or how, I know that my deep desire and persistance will soon pay off.

I have been reading Awaken to One and have stumbled upon a series he wrote about Understanding Belief. I was immedietly drawn to read the whole series, but near the conclusion of the first segment, I decided to dwell and meditate on his message. What I have taken from this is a new mantra that I will begin to explore in my meditation, "I accept the perfect manifestation of my art, with the perfect outlet, in the perfect way."