Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well here I am, 3:16 in the morning and I'm still wide awake staring at the infinity of this computer screen. I have heard that the light of the computer screen actually keeps you awake. While I believe that this is possible, and probably true, I would much rather be "productive" ("" because I'm usually just refreshing my Twitter or reading articles, lol) than lying in bed with my eyes closed for 2 hours. I've taken my insomnia meds but all they are doing is making me yawn.

Oh well, I've lived with insomnia all my life. The night has become a second home. It is so beautifully different than the daytime. It is so mysterious and so creative. The energy of the moon is so different than that of the sun. I tend to prefer it, if only because is pours creative energy, healing, and mysterious wonder. I just love it.

My new found center has been tested to the extreme these past few weeks and I have to say, as I am only human, I have let the world and its crazy circumstances get to me. However, after some time I am able to find my center again and feel the warmth of the Eternal Breath.

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