Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Time to Open

Good afternoon all you brilliant people. I haven't written in a while, but that is mostly because life loves to throw huge stones that one must handle before forward-moving life can continue. Anyway, with the melodies of Anjulie blaring from my computer speakers, I wish to talk about something that has been a huge part of my spiritual growth.

As the title states, it is time to open. Open up to the world, to people, to nature, and most importantly, to ourselves. When we close or hold anything inside, we are not only placing burden's and stresses all over our body, but we are directly and indirectly influencing the cosmos. The human ability to use mirror neurons (neurons in premotor cortex and the inferior parietal cortex which allow humans and primates to copy what they see, or to feel emotions similar to those they witness) is a wonderful and beautiful instinct that help us on a daily basis. However, when we begin to harbor negativity, we have no ability to keep it completely to ourselves (why would we want to?). This negativity, even if it not seen consciously, is transmitted regardless to everyone you encounter.

Please, let us deal with our negativity head on! I once heard on the topic of obstacles (and forgive my paraphrase) that they are one of our greatest tools to reach enlightenment. When we actively pursue to better our lives by facing our problems head on, then regardless of the outcome, we have learned countless lessons. This is a life-long endeavor, and it is obviously easier said than done. Just remember, everyone, including you, makes mistakes, and that is perfectly fine. What is not fine, is when we harbor so much negativity, whether in the form of self-doubt or hatred, that we injure ourselves and those around us.

I have personally experienced all kinds of negativity as I have struggled with bi-polar disorder as well as ADD and ADHD. I have to share, however, that my life has changed in so many wonderful ways because of the past couple months of beginning to explore alternative healing. Meditation and research have shown me so many beautiful ways to explore my mind, body, and spirit.

That being said, my biggest point in opening up is being open-minded. I know that religion and spirituality are less than popular among youth today. However, whether or not you believe in the dogma or practices of a certain religion, we can learn so much from our fellow man. The Bible and the Qur'an are beautiful pieces of literature that can teach us a lot about surviving in a world that seems always out to get you. The teachings of the Eastern religions are powerful and almost magical, allowing one to experience their mind and soul in so many different ways. These are just a few examples of all the wonderful things we can learn from different religions. Try it out, it won't kill ya.

Lastly, this blog post was inspired by my new purchase of The Sufi Book of Life by Neil Douglas-Klotz. It is a collection of 99 Pathways of the Heart. It can be read straight through, or used like an oracle. Each pathway ends with a mantra and meditation that help you meditate on each new aspect of life. I am hooked.

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember OPEN UP!

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