Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poetry Contest

Thanks to TWT_POETRY on Twiter I was made aware of a little poetry contest and I entered it. It had really unique prompts and how can I shy away from a challenge. The two prompts I chose to include were "I've never kissed a frog because," and "Freedom."
I'd love to know what ya'll think!


Distant castles speak mystery onto
many feathered
speaking in tongues only the
crescent moon wearily translates.

But I hear whispers…

And they tell me they understand
the wind.
They say the wind speaks in
shells on the beach
and empty rooms where a
golden mushroom decays into gold.

Why then do I still
open my window at night?

It’s the gossip in giggles,
never ending the
same as
when they began,

When you
know you have heard
a spark questioning its freedom.

Truth is a game we play as children.

And yet the gods of the forest yell
in vain for man to see
the reason.

And we all forget Love’s diction;
the dreamless held husband
shedding tears only
his pillow understands.

And the wind…

Why else do you think I’ve never kissed a frog?

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