Monday, January 18, 2010

The Silence Inn / A Witch's Knot

I've had a great surge of creative energy towards writing. I have been writing through the past 2 days with very little sleep. Powerful creative energy can not be ignored and consequently I've written about 10 new poems. I wanted to dedicate this post to two of these new poems. They explore some darker images and I thought showing ya'll this perspective of my work might be interesting. Let me know what you think.

The Silence Inn

The brutal wave of
rain and jealously
followed me that night
as I sipped
strong lukewarm coffee
at the Silence Inn.

Bloodshot eyes staring
back at me, smiling
taunting me, thunder crash
and the storm laughed.

If I wanted to
the prickled bosom of
Room 134
would have welcomed
a splitting wired mind.

Yet someone
must have been in that storm
and I needed to find

A mist arose
throughout the
Devil’s Playground

And then all I could hear
was the faint echo of a
child giggling.

And I laughed.

A Witch's Knot

Does the bitter blood
soaked through this towel
excite you?

I smell your lust
and its cologne is a cliff
facing the unknown.

Angels are said to
drink inked dreams.

But I must protect my
(I have so
few). Hence

The towel,
the cliff,
the blood an aching lull.

It is finished
this spell
a clotted vessel
in a witch’s knot
swims gently on.

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That's all for today! God Bless!


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