Sunday, June 21, 2009


Good evening all. I am still very unsure as to the readership of my blog, but I have faith that it will eventually bring forth a decent readership. Until then, I will continue to write as I would if I were writing to a large audience. I have very recently becoming more interested in the working and writings of chakras and their balance. I will comment more as my knowledge increases. However, I feel that if much Eastern thought is connected to these main center's of energy, I should took a closer look. For the healing of the clutter of my mind, I have found that Eastern ideology has been extremely more effective then what Western culture has to offer. Damn, I am being picked up to go to dinner. I must end this blog short, but when I talk about chakra I will surely go more into this idea of Western vs. Eastern (for don't get me wrong, I love them both).

Have a good night everyone!

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