Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Albums

Well yesterday was a hot day for the music industry! I was unaware of it until just now, though I say a day later isn't too bad. Two wonderful new albums came out in the States.

Regina Spektor's Far, which is AMAZING. I was not at first a fan of Regina Spektor. I was irritated by her vocal embellishment that not only sounded off, but sometimes painful. The edgy piano and guitar enticed me though. It was not until this past semester when my ex re-introduced me to her that I began to fall in love with her. Her voice had developed so much since the first time I heard her, and I finally was able to concentrate on WHAT she was saying. However, some of my change of heart was due to the fact that her new age vocal techniques remind me of Meredith Monk's Atlas, a modern opera sung almost completely on neutral syllables with strange new age vocal techniques. Enough history though, this album is the best I've ever heard from her. She has combined her naturally edgy style with some amazing beats and beautiful lyrics. She combines her classic mix of intense and piercing lyrics with those which are light and funny. If at this point I had to pick favorites I would have to say "Eek," "Machine," "Human of the Year," and "Genius Next Door." They each entice me for different reasons, but all have a sense of totality that, combined with her simple delivery, create a wonderful experience.

The other album is Michael Johns' Hold Back My Heart. I did not even know about this man until today when I was reading David Archuletta's blog and saw it. He is very soulful and smooth rock. I really love it, though I'm having a hard time concentrating too much on the message (a symptom I often get with entertainment music). His diction is a little strange, but its not too hard to get what he's saying. It inspired me to look at some about who inspired me. This led me to downloading The Very Best of Changing Faces, a compilation of works by Rob Steward and The Faces. They are really wonderful and very chill.

I also began my work with the chakra healing kit I received and I'm quite excited. I read through the chapters on the Root, Sacral, and Solar chakras. I did the exercises suggested and am now more convinced to the existence of the chakras. I also tried one of the deep meditation exercises and it was quite relaxing. It sped through what each chakra represented though and with time and more knowledge in each chakra I will be able to take better advantage of these recordings. I can not wait till I get into some of the subliminal affirmations because that sounds absolutely fascinating.

I should go to sleep. We'll see how well that works, lol. Have a good night everyone!

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