Friday, June 19, 2009


I have had quite a wonderfully productive day. Though I woke up quite late since my damn sleep schedule is so off, I was able to go to campus (George Mason University) and sing through and polish two of the seven Schumann Liederkreis which I am to perform on my senior recital in November. I also finished Orson Scott Card's Shadow Puppets, much to my delight since it has taken me almost three times the amount of time any of his other books have. I have now moved to one of his earlier novels (his second) entitled Treason which seems increasingly beautiful and remarkable as I turn each page. I also allowed myself the time to study the beginnings of Barber's Vanessa and Anthony and Cleopatra. I am unfortunately still awake, though I must wake up and be legitimately productive tomorrow (i.e go to Financial Aid and look for a job), but thanks to the ironic nature of creativity, my consciousness at 3:40am has inspired a poem. Please do not be hindered by the unsteady meter (many of the phrases, if you re-accent the syllables do create meter. Some just lack it). I tend to mix my meter quite often and am, at least now, blaming it on my own unique style. But enough apology, here is the poem:

Dream a Melody so firm
that Earth and Sky begin to form.
Then Harmony to crack the Stone
and Rain to heal it's saddened soul.

Hum the Song to bring forth Roots
and Wind to some day cool it's leaves.
Hum louder and the Birds will learn
and Insects, less, and yet immortal.

Sing the Song and Man will Build,
will Dream,
will Kill,
will Worship, and Die.

Then be the Song and the Universe
will soon know who you are.
Music as your eternal Soul
shall guide new Worlds to discover their own.


PS: Thanks to the wonders of Twitter, I have found a really wonderful artist that I must spread around. Her name is Fang Ling Lee. Please check out her work, it is absolutely phenomenal!

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