Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weird Deams

Since I went to sleep at a decent hour last night (10:30ish) I was able to get up at this completely unreasonable hour, lol. Anyways, I need to get out the details of these trippy dreams before I forget.

1) It is the end of the world. I have two choices: go to another planet (I have this option because I am part of some higher class family), or I can stay on Earth and either fight for the army or fend for myself. I actually (thanks mind) am able to know the outcome of both choices. If I leave I am talking with my friends about how ill-suited I would be for the army and then find myself in a strange bathhouse, most of which gets sexual, and most of which, honestly, I don't remember. I just remember a lot of red. Anyway, the more interesting is if I stay. I discover my sister has chosen to stay as well and I say that I will protect her. We go to an abandoned warehouse. Then my vision switches to these two people in a car driving by. One man and one women, but in their mid-twenties. An oil-tanker cuts in front of the man who is driving and immediately pulls over and threatens to kill the man. They are now under a tunnel and I can see a small office with a women sitting at a desk under the bridge. The man walks off and the woman follows. When the women reaches the other side of the tunnel she sees the man take out a needle, as if he is going to shoot up. She starts to sneak backwards towards the office and she notices she too has a needle in her hand. She slowly opens the door to the office (I now see through her eyes, not third-person) and mouths the word help. In place of the women at the desk the man stares at her wide-eyed with at least 5 needles sticking out of his upper and lower lips. It was such a disturbing image I immediately woke up.

2) I am at some summer camp and at some point I end up getting locked in the manager's office for multiple weeks with someone else. We trash the place since we have to rummage for food. Before we realize it, our camp has left and a new camp settles in and the head leader, a nun or something like that, comes in and lets us out. I then go to the movies and see this preview for a movie, but soon I become the man in this preview. I have the ability to take a part that is missing from something, and, with the help of any animal in the area, I can find the whole that the part is missing from. I spend a long time doing this for various people even though most people think I'm a fake. I think I've gone crazy. Then I realize that I am in an elevator, and I think to myself, "If time-travel is not possible, how has this elevator been going full speed down for the past 11 hours?" I realize that I am not showered and smell awful but I have no way to change that. The door opens and a couple people walk in. One lady in particular shows finds it difficult to show her not show her disgust. I am unable to shake that fact that I still think I'm nuts and have this power. I don't remember trying to use it again though. This is all I remember.

3) I am part of a large choir. My old high school choir director is leading us. We are singing this new piece that was quite modern, but simple and accessible at the same time. There are four soloists and I am the tenor soloist. I sight sing decently well, but not perfectly. Still it is acceptable and I absolutely fall in love with the piece. I only wish I could remember the actual musical content of the dream or I'd write it. So we finish and my director asks a bunch of the men to leave cause he doesn't want us to hear the next song. I have no idea why, since he then says (though it may have been a joke), "Your going to play the piano." I find some of my friends outside and we talk and start hearing them sing. Strange oh well.

Wow, I'm so glad I can remember my dreams again. There was a good bit of time that I could not. I hope this keeps up.

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