Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good afternoon everyone! I'm hanging out at my friend Josh's house just browsing poetry and it put me into a very poetic mood. Poetry is one of my favorite art forms. They are the closest art to music in my opinion, or at least to vocal music. Anyway, my good friend and colleague Zachary Hugo have been speaking of setting some poetry to send to each other to perform. I'm excited how each of us sets these texts differently (we have extremely different styles, but I respect and enjoy his music immensely). As of now we have not chosen a poet, but we were thinking about 3 poems by American poet, Sara Teasdale.

Also, I have a great deal of poetry that I would love to share and just keep forgetting to post it, so here is one that I wrote for my mother last Christmas:


Children are born of such strange seed;
they sprout and flower
and then fly free.

Of hugging deep
and letting go,
and pain of growing things unknown.

The pain is real
Love's hold so strong
Forget me not, oh golden crown.

I walk with strength
Your will is strength
as mermaid tears adorn my back.

Oh sun, my sun, I am your star
and while I may be far from sight,
Your warmth encompasses my garb.

Relationships grow firm with time
connecting with so firm a line
that time and distance become unconfined.

If you must recall a promise,
know that I will always be near,
My heart, my soul, your gift to care.

And if perchance
your heart will speak
it will be an image locked deep beneath.

Though tears have healed
your troubled breast
this vision pure, Truth's beacon bright,

A little child
so meek and mild
abreast to one so strong and kind.

A woman
born in Wisdom's truth
to bestow the miracle of my birth.

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