Friday, July 10, 2009

Madonna and Moving

I find it so strange that I still feel the need to spend so much time writing in this blog, even though I know that even if this blog ever does get a following, very few people will ever think to look at these past entries. I guess it's the journal feeling of blogging. Even though I have my own personal journal and it serves as one of few solidifying factors in my life, a "public" journal has a whole other luster. Oh well, I will keep writing.

So this is week two of a moving process that not only should have started a month ago, but has also dragged out endlessly. Who knew that moving was such a straining, draining, and ultimately overwhelming process. My friends have helped me to the greatest of their abilities, but their lives are just as busy as mine and so I've undertaken most of this on my own. My dreams the past couple weeks have dealt a lot with protection (of myself or others), reliance, and failure for reliance. I feel a lot of this stems from what I'm dealing with now as I'm vigorously and eventfully trying to become self-sufficient. It really sucks, but as I search in myself and through all art I just need to keep pushing. Who care's what's on the other end of this mountain (probably another mountain) but it should be the climb that I dwell in. I have focused a great deal of my time in meditation and chakra balancing which has proved to be unmistakably helpful. The ability to center yourself and to allow all the aspects of your life to flow equally allows those things that are pressing to be clear while not overwhelming. I have become remarkably better at clearing my mind which has helped me sleep and helped me focus my mind away from those things which would overwhelm me.

Life can not be as bad as I always seem to paint it (or maybe it is and I'm just trying to lie to myself, I hope not). I know there will always be problems and that I will not always win, but I can't seem to catch enough of a break to breathe in between these problems. Hopefully once college ends and I start my career SOMETHING will get easier, I fear not. Anyway, enough depressing talk.

My body has recently needed a huge amount of sleep which has halted be from doing some very necessary things with my day, but if my body needs it, I will not ignore it. I have been procrastinating per usual and have been exploring some new gorgeous art. Thanks to a wonderful artist on Twitter, I have been able to see some of the most cutting edge pop art phenomenons. And, per usual, I want to do anything I can to promote those I like (and there is very little I don't like). This is a wonderful artist named Rob Verheyen ( Please check his stuff out.

Finally, on a whim, I decided to start watching some Madonna interviews from the 90's and found that she was and is such an unbelievably intelligent woman. She speaks of her music like a true musician should. She speaks of trends and cultural influences. She speaks of lyrics and melodic drive. She speaks of the theatrical aspect of music and performance. I already thought Madonna was and is one of the top artists of the 21st century but after seeing this, I see now that she more than that. She created something so beautiful and artistic with the strength and power of her own imagination and those of her colleagues. That is what I wish to do with my life. She is such an inspiration.

Well, I doubt anyone made it this far, but if you have thanks for reading!

PS: Imogen Heap has released her new single which is FABULOUS!! Her new album is scheduled to be released in August. Check out Perez if you want to listen to it

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